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To help enlighten those who are attracted to the Mediterranean diet for its tasty recipes alone, you might like to know of these EXTRA beneficial facts and findings.   The Mediterranean diet is neither a man made diet nor does it comprise of pharmaceuticals or come in the form of a tablet. The researched and traditional Mediterranean diet has been verified for providing mankind with many and varied health benefits.

1. Dementia – The Mediterranean diet has been verified as reducing the risk of Alzheimers and other types of Dementia through research at the Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimers and the Aging Brain at the Medical Centre at Columbia University.

2. Weight Loss – Weight loss and weight loss management have also been identified as a positive outcome by practicing a Mediterranean diet. Studies performed at Navarra University indicate the diet can reduce the body fat of people undertaking the diet. The research was over three years and monitored people at risk of heart disease to the number of 1.055 individuals.

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